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Far Away ()

Produced by

Bad Dress Productions

Playwright: Caryl Churchill
Director: Jessica Kostuck


Dancemakers Centre for Creation – Studio #313


November 7th, 2013 – November 10th, 2013


Far Away introduces to audiences a world where nothing is as it seems. A farmhouse is a rebellion stronghold,hats are deadly fashion statements, and children under five are bloodthirsty creatures.

Joan and Todd, two young hatmakers, talk of rebellion in hushed whispers on the factory
floor. After all, anyone could be listening – the government, the foreman, the wind.
When everything in nature is at war, who – and what – can be trusted? (


Kate McArthur Joan
Farah Merani Harper
Kevin Kashani Todd
Kendra Mellifera Prisoner
Giuseppina Fazio-Morris Prisoner
Jonathan Phillips Prisoner
Shreyas Sukumar Prisoner

Creative Team

Caryl Churchill Playwright
Jessica Kostuck Director
Mary Lougheed Composer
Eric Weiss Set Designer
Eric Weiss Lighting Designer
Melinda Moynihan Costume Designer
Alison Colpitts Stunt Choreographer


Phaedra Nowak Stage Manager
Keeghan White Assistant Stage Manager
Gillian Harrison Board Operator
Claire Stewart Millinery
Geoff Dowling Head of Construction
Don McAuslan Extra Space Technician
David Poon Producer