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Fiji ()

Produced by

Icarus Theatre

Playwrights: Eddie Loodmer-Elliott and Pedro Leandro and Evan Lordan
Director: Anthony Goncharov


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


March 29th, 2024 – April 7th, 2024


Sam and Nic recently met online and believe they are destined to be together. After telling everyone he’s bought a one-way ticket to Fiji, Sam has joined Nic at his apartment for a romantic weekend getaway of home-cooked meals and get-to-know-you games. If all goes according to plan, this will be their first and last meeting. (


Jack Copland Sam
Desmond Lazar Nic

Creative Team

Eddie Loodmer-Elliott Playwright
Pedro Leandro Playwright
Evan Lordan Playwright
Anthony Goncharov Director
Emily Anne Corcoran Set Designer
Lidia Foote Lighting Designer
Erik Richards Sound Designer
Michelle Lewis Intimacy Choreographer
Michelle Lewis Fight Choreographer


Lauren Fahey Stage Manager
Anthony Goncharov Producer