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Fitz Happens! ()

Produced by

Musical Works in Concert and Theatre 20

Presented by

Musical Works in Concert

Writer: Mark Weatherley


Factory Mainspace Theatre


August 21st, 2015 – August 23rd, 2015


Fitz Happens! is a raucous musical comedy in which a blundering Mountie in the Canadian Old West foils the bad guys, gets the girl, and sings a lot. (


George Masswohl Bearded Bob / Fitz Senior
Cara Hunter Cletis / Gwendolyn / Whisky Ed
David Leyshon Fitz
Ron Pederson Carruthers / Whisky Dick
Shaina Silver-Baird Louisa

Creative Team

Mark Weatherley Writer
Paul Shilton Music Director


Mark Weatherley Dramaturge
Jennifer Stewart Dramaturge
Dustyn Wales Stage Manager