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Follow Your Fear ()

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Performer: Todd Charron
Director: Marcel St. Pierre


The Solo Room


July 3rd, 2013 – July 13th, 2013


What have you always wanted to do, but were too afraid to try?
For Todd Charron, it was performing a wholly improvised one-man show. He organized the first annual Follow Your Fear Day, an event encouraging people to pursue their own dream projects, while sharing in the completion of his.
This year, he’s bringing his solo Improv show to the Fringe. (


Todd Charron Improvisor

Creative Team

Marcel St. Pierre Director


Rob Bartlett Stage Manager
Rae Matthews Assistant Stage Manager


Matt Armour Venue Technician
Sarah-Jane Patterson Festival Lighting Designer
Joey Morin Venue Technician