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Foreign Tongue ()

Produced by

Play Inc.

Presented by

Next Stage Theatre Festival

Book: Lola Xenos
Lyrics: Lola Xenos
Music: Daniel Abrahamson and Justin Hiscox
Director: Stefan Dzeparoski


Factory Mainspace Theatre


January 10th, 2019 – January 20th, 2019


Meet Kathy Woodrough, a young, busy, single, urban professional who experiences a stroke, falls into a coma, and wakes up six weeks later with a thick Russian accent. Her diagnosis is Foreign Accent Syndrome, a real medical condition that leaves her mistaken for a “New Canadian” and a refugee, a misunderstanding she does not correct. In this new musical comedy, Kathy finds true love and friendship, but can she face the consequences of her clumsy lie? (


Cynthia Ashperger Visnja from Bosnia
Kailea Banka Ms. Barber - ESL Instructor from Toronto / Mrs. Givens
Julius Cho Paul Lee from Korea
Jenna Daley Nurse Cannon from Jamaica / Pele Rita from Brazil
Victoria Houser Kathy Woodrough from Peterborough
Phoebe Hu Madeline from China
Allister MacDonald David from Picton
Mladen Obradović Yura from Russia
Nicholas Rice Dr. Brooke of Jewish Background

Creative Team

Lola Xenos Book
Lola Xenos Lyrics
Daniel Abrahamson Music
Justin Hiscox Music
Stefan Dzeparoski Director
Tim Monis Musical Director
Colleen Snell Choreographer
Michael Bergmann Projection Designer
Joe Pagnan Set Designer
Konstantin Roth Set Designer
Katrina Fletcher Costume Designer
Noah Feaver Lighting Designer


Melanie Nablo Stage Manager
Cynthia Ashperger Producer
Tatjana Krizmanic Poster Art
Connor Slatkoff Social Media


Corey Waters Venue Technician
Jon Cunningham Venue Technician
Noah Feaver Design Consultant