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Freda and Jem’s Best of the Week ()

Produced by

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Playwright: Lois Fine
Director: Judith Thompson


The Alexander Street Chamber Theatre


September 13th, 2014 – October 5th, 2014


Freda and Jem are two women who fell in love, had kids, and built a family together. When they decide to split up, their family discovers that their love for each other doesn’t have to end at divorce – but it will have to change. A heartwarming story about family making and family breaking. (


Diane Flacks Freda
Kathryn Haggis Jem
Sadie Epstein-Fine Teejay
Stephen Joffe Sam

Creative Team

Lois Fine Playwright
Judith Thompson Director
Judith Thompson Primary Dramaturge
Camellia Koo Set Designer
Camellia Koo Costume Designer
Kimberly Purtell Lighting Designer
Jenny So Assistant Set Designer
Jenny So Assistant Costume Designer
Lorraine Segato Original Music


Lorraine Segato Live Music


Sharon DiGenova Stage Manager
Kali Claire Grenier-Prieur Assistant Stage Manager


Charissa Wilcox Director of Production
Adrien Whan Technical Director
Suzie Balogh Chamber Technician