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Friendly Fire: The Art and Execution of Friendship ()

Produced by

The League of Extraordinary People on the Gender Spectrum

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Creators: Jeannie DiGiacomo and Jeff Donaldson and Kyah Green and Devan Islas and Stephanie Malek and Rob Michaels and MK Morris and AJ Paluzzi and Cam Parkes and Jenny Pullon
Director: Kyle Dooley


The Robert Gill Theatre


July 4th, 2019 – July 14th, 2019


Friends are great, aren’t they? Wait, are they? They must be. Otherwise we wouldn’t try so hard to make them. Or keep them. Or avoid them. Until we can cut them out… hmm. Sketch revues are great, aren’t they? This one is! Grab some pals and join us for a romp amongst the minefields of friendship. Or, come alone. We’re easy. (


Jeannie DiGiacomo Performer
Jeff Donaldson Performer
Kyah Green Performer
Devan Islas Performer
Stephanie Malek Performer
Rob Michaels Performer
MK Morris Performer
AJ Paluzzi Performer
Cam Parkes Performer
Jenny Pullon Performer

Creative Team

Jeannie DiGiacomo Creator
Jeff Donaldson Creator
Kyah Green Creator
Devan Islas Creator
Stephanie Malek Creator
Rob Michaels Creator
MK Morris Creator
AJ Paluzzi Creator
Cam Parkes Creator
Jenny Pullon Creator
Kyle Dooley Director
Nicole Byblow Musical Director
Ophira Calof Song Writer
Nicholas Graham Curry Contributer


Sam Polito Stage Manager
Mike Mildon Videographer
Ophira Calof Accessibility Coordinator
Dmitry Kichenko Brochure
Dmitry Kichenko Photography