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Goldilocks Goes Bear Hunting ()

Produced by

Theatre le Clou

Presented by


Playwright: Jean-Philippe Lehoux
Director: Sylvain Scott


Harbourfront Centre Theatre


May 23rd, 2018 – August 25th, 2018


What can I do when everything and everyone around me is changing?

The handsome teenage prince, a high school witch, ingénue Goldilocks, and the New Guy are forced to deal with insecurity, jealousy, betrayal and first love in this imaginative, inventive musical about the thrill and the fear of growing up during a strange and magical year when everything is turned upside down. (


Marie-Laurence Boulet Performer
Jean-Francois Pronovost Performer
Joelle Lanctot Performer
Simon Rivest Performer

Creative Team

Jean-Philippe Lehoux Playwright
Sylvain Scott Director
Ariane Bisson McLernon Composer
Linda Brunelle Costume Designer
Luc Prairie Lighting Designer
Melanie Demers Choreographer
Jean Bégin Makeup Design
Jean Bégin Wig Designer
Dominique Cuerrier Assistant Director


Guy Fortin Stage Manager
Maryline Gagnon Stage Manager
Jean Duchesneau Production Manager
Jean Duchesneau Technical Director


Duncan Morgan Manager of Technical Production
Eryn Maloney Technical Coordinator
Bennett Hyslop Head Electrician
Billy Burgomaster Head Audio
Harrison Bye Head Carpenter