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Gorey Storey ()

Produced by

The Thistle Project

Author: Edward Gorey
Adapters: Matthew Romantini and Christine Horne
Director: Erika Batdorf

Created by Erika Batdorf, Matthew Romantini and Christine Horne, in collaboration with the company.


Artists’ Play Studio Theatre (290 Carlaw)


October 29, 2006


October 31st, 2006 – November 27th, 2006

Awards & Nominations

4 Dora nominations, including Outstanding Production


Gorey Story is a show about the extremes of neglect and human denial. How many of life’s events can we ignore?

The play is adapted from The Gashlycrumb Tinies a darkly comic ABC by Edward Gorey, famous for his animated introduction to the PBS program Mystery!

Directed by Dora-nominated Erika Batdorf, associate playwright at CanStage, Gorey Story is an actor-driven physical and visual work that uses space and the body to bring Edward Gorey’s macabre and hilarious illustrations to life. The concept and original text was adapted by Christine Horne and Matthew Romantini and the play was created in collaboration with Erika Batdorf and the company.



Cole Alvis Performer
Whitney Ross-Barris Performer
Christine Horne Performer
Tania McCartney Performer
Ginette Mohr Performer
Matthew Romantini Performer
Nathan Younger Performer

Creative Team

Edward Gorey Author
Matthew Romantini Adapter
Christine Horne Adapter
Erika Batdorf Director
Laura Gardner Set Designer
Jason Hand Lighting Designer
Ming Wong Costume Designer
Tom Kerr Music
Tom Kerr Sound Designer


Jessie Shearer Stage Manager