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Great Felt Greatness ()

Produced by

Telling Stars Theatre

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Eden Ulnik
Directors: Eden Ulnik and Hannah Smith


The Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre – The Al Green Theatre


July 5th, 2024 – July 14th, 2024


Great Felt Greatness is an absurd, fantastical piece that uses devised processes to talk about neurodiversity, communication, leadership, and decision making. It unravels unmasking, ableism, the collective subconscious and, most importantly, how entities from all around the universe are connected. Creo – a young, ambitious creator that is adamant about the idea of saving the solar system they created. Follow Creo’s embarking upon a new creations! Will Sun approve? Will disaster strike? Will the members of the Universe rebel? Will this leave Creo’s Planets and Humans in an unbearable environment? (


Eden Ulnik Creo
Hannah Smith Sun
Victoria Stark Erth / Creator 4 / Teacher
Arina Anas Jupitar / Creator 1 / Student
Kai Osborne Murs / Creator 2 / Student
Rolly Barry Mooon / Creator 3 / Student
Wai Liu Ploto / Creator 5 / Student

Creative Team

Eden Ulnik Playwright
Eden Ulnik Director
Hannah Smith Director
Victoria Stark Deviser
Arina Anas Deviser
Kai Osborne Deviser
Rolly Barry Deviser
Wai Liu Deviser
Grace Sokolow Dramaturge
Asefeh Katoozian Costume Designer
Eden Ulnik Set Designer
Mary Witlib Assistant Set Designer
Katie Kerekes Lighting Designer
Abbey Kruse Sound Designer
Irah Salo Composer


Taylor Cumming Production Stage Manager
Makenah Welsh Assistant Stage Manager
Litta Xandr Costume Builder
Jaden Snedker Social Media Manager
Irah Salo Graphic Designer
Jaden Snedker Graphic Designer
Irah Salo Website Designer