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Grimly Handsome ()

Produced by

Theatre Animal

Playwright: Julia Jarcho
Director: Jay Turvey


November 3rd, 2017 – November 19th, 2017


This Obie-award winning play is a triptych of urban stories: two unusual Christmas tree salesmen peddle their wares on the street, two cops are on the trail of a serial killer and in a vacant lot people transform in ways they never thought possible. GRIMLY HANDSOME is a haunting, comic thriller that exposes the underbelly of the city and the animal in us all.

Christmas trees. Cops. Pandas. What more could you want? (


Julia Course Natalia / Nelly / Nally / Noplop
Jeff Irving Alesh /Alpert / Alfo
Ben Sanders Gregor / Griggins / Grox

Creative Team

Julia Jarcho Playwright
Jay Turvey Director
Paul Sportelli Composer
John-Luke Addison Composer
Mikael Kangas Lighting Designer
Christine Urquhart Set Designer
Christine Urquhart Costume Designer


Sara Allison Stage Manager