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He Left Behind ()

Playwright: Kevin Kashani


Improv Your Acting Studio for the Performing Arts


June 3rd, 2016 – June 5th, 2016


A savvy New York store manager is strolling through his fancy menswear store, clipboard in hand, when his attention is suddenly grabbed by something that will drastically alter the course of his life…and the lives of four other people. (Show Facebook Event)


Kevin Kashani Performer

Creative Team

Kevin Kashani Playwright
Anna Luise Villinger Artistic Coaching
Shanda Bezic Artistic Coaching
Tony Babcock Artistic Coaching
Kevin Kashani Melody
Kevin Kashani Lyrics
Anna Luise Villinger Guitar Melody


Kevin Kashani Vocals
Anna Luise Villinger Acoustic Guitar


Anna Luise Villinger Lighting Operation
Anna Luise Villinger Sound Operator
David Plowman Sound Recording
George Plowman Sound Recording Assistance
Lauren Ferraro Accent Coaching
Jennifer Vallance Accent Coaching
Kevin Kashani Producer