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Hello Again ()

Produced by

The Hello Again Collective

Music: Michael John LaChiusa
Lyrics: Michael John LaChiusa
Director: Michelle Ouellet


Tarragon Theatre – Extra Space


June 6-7, 2006


June 6th, 2006 – July 1st, 2006


In a daisy chain of two-handers, one character from each scene abandons their current love in favour of the next, until the circle of lovers is complete. Borrowing musical styles from each decade, HELLO AGAIN explores everything from sleek and seductive jazz to raunchy rock to pulsating club beats. This sexy, sultry modern spin on a classic play will tantalize, titillate and tease the audience with everything from a hot waltz to a burlesque strip show. (


Suzanne Bennett The Whore
Graham Coffeng The Soldier
Whitney Ross-Barris The Nurse
Nicholas Carella The College Boy
Zoe Sweet The Young Wife
Greg Campbell The Husband
Glen Sheppard The Young Thing
Daniel Krolik The Writer
Lisa Karen Cox Actress
Scott Maudsley The Senator

Creative Team

Michael John LaChiusa Music
Michael John LaChiusa Lyrics
Michelle Ouellet Director
Jacqueline Sadler Musical Director
Allison Plamondon Choreographer
Aleksandra Podbereski Production Designer


Dini Conte Stage Manager