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Her Inside Life ()

Produced by

Low Rise Productions

Playwright: George F. Walker
Director: Andrea Wasserman

Performed as part of a double bill with Kill the Poor (2018)


The Assembly Theatre


October 27th, 2018 – November 18th, 2018


Violet hears voices. And some of them are real. Confined to her apartment after being found “not criminally responsible” for a crime she insists had to be committed, she works hard to understand and combat all the forces lined up against her. Is her psychiatric social worker actually on her side, or is she a spy working for the judicial system? Who is setting off the fire alarm in her building three or four times a day. And why is a man she’s sure she shot to death paying her a visit when she has so many other things to deal with? (


Catherine Fitch Violet
Tony Munch Leo
Sarah Murphy-Dyson Cathy
Lesley Robertson Maddy

Creative Team

George F. Walker Playwright
Andrea Wasserman Director
Chris Bretecher Set Designer
Chin Palipane Lighting Designer
Kathleen Black Costume Designer
Jeremy Hutton Sound Designer
Will Jarvis Sound Designer


Jenna Borsato Stage Manager
Alice Lundy Production Manager
Michelle Langille Producer
Robert Skanes Executive Producer