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Her2 ()

Produced by

Nightwood Theatre

Presented by

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Playwright: Maja Ardal
Director: Kim Blackwell


The Alexander Street Chamber Theatre


January 13th, 2015 – February 1st, 2015


Seven women with one thing in common—a highly aggressive form of breast cancer—are recruited for a clinical trial of a new drug. While the researcher measures its progress in terms of blood counts and tumour sizes, the subjects of her experiment, struggle to deal with the renewed dread that paradoxically accompanies this sudden glimmer of hope in their lives. As the group under goes the treatment they bond together into a community characterized not by medical statistics but by their human qualities of courage, humour, and wisdom. (


Olunike Adeliyi Anya
Diane D’Aquila Daphne
Monica Dottor Charlene
Kyra Harper Frances
Brenda Kamino Melissa (Minnie)
Nancy Palk Dr. Danielle Pearce
Ellora Patnaik Nurse Gabby
Chick Reid Naomi
Maria Vacratsis Gloria
Bahareh Yaraghi Kate

Creative Team

Maja Ardal Playwright
Kim Blackwell Director
Julia Tribe Set Designer
Julia Tribe Costume Designer
Kimberly Purtell Lighting Designer
Jennifer Gilmor Sound Designer
Denyse Karn Projection Designer
Monica Dottor Choreographer
Sascha Cole Assistant Director
C.J. Astronomo Associate Lighting Designer
Ana-Marija Stojic Design Assistant


Melissa Rood Stage Manager
Charissa Wilcox Production Manager
Melissa Convery Apprentice Stage Manager
Diana Lopez Soto Scenic Painter
Ange Beever Scenic Painter