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High School Symphony ()

Produced by

The Teeny Tiny Music Show

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Hayley Pace
Director: Ryan Percival


The Randolph Theatre


July 5th, 2018 – July 14th, 2018


An eight-piece, Big Band “Mean Girls”. A remarkable friendship between two grade school girls is tested when they face suspension for sexual harassment toward their teacher. The drama unfolds with a cast that consists of an immersive marching band who double as hot teachers, note-passing BFFs, and of course, the enemy popular group. Ignoring the guy who always plays “Wonderwall”, the soundtrack is decked with video game references, anime theme songs, and slicked-up sounds from the early 00’s that got every millennial through their pimply prepubescence! (


Hayley Pace Hayley
Daniel Walsh Mr Loukowski
Cate D’Angelo Marisa
Adam Borohov Sarah
Jeremy Deveaux David
Matt Seto Ashley / Mrs. Brenner
Teddy Zomar MC

Creative Team

Hayley Pace Playwright
Ryan Percival Director
Daniel Walsh Music Director
Geneviève Canavan Dramaturge
Daniel Walsh Composer
Daniel Walsh Arranger
Joseph Burdi Assistant Director
Hayley Pace Costume Designer


Daniel Walsh Bass Guitar / Sousaphone
Adam Borohov Harmonica
Jeremy Deveaux Saxophone
Abigail Neale Keyboard
Stu Mein Drums
Nick Marshall Trombone
Matt Seto Guitar
Teddy Zomar Trumpet


Cara Baum Stage Manager
Madeleine Monteleone Property Master