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Hockey: The Musical ()

Produced by

Mellohawk Logistics, Inc. and Off Sides Entertainment and The Toronto Gay Hockey Association

Director: Rick Wilson
Music: Rick Wilson
Book: Rick Wilson and Justin DeMarco
Lyrics: Rick Wilson


The Betty Oliphant Theatre


October 12th, 2008 (one night only)


The Minnesota Turtles are one of the best teams in the United Hockey League, and their All Stars Pavel Riccardino and Ravi Patel are rapidly propelling their team toward the playoffs.  However, on the heels of Riccardino’s celebratory scoring of his first career hat trick, scandal hits him, challenging his very identity.  Relationships with his teammates become strained, testing the team’s loyalty to him, to one another, and to the game they all love.  In the age of the Internet, information travels faster than a speeding puck.  How can athletes maintain their lives, relationships, and dignity when the media spins “truths” which shape and alter who they are and who they are perceived to be?   What is the price of an athlete’s fame and the cost of keeping his truths secret? (


Jason Zinger Shawn Knighty
Michael Bien Bubba Hamilton
David Straus Travis "Smitty" Smith / Pavel's Father
Michael Johnson Johann Johansen / Kevin Weiler
Arnon Melo WXL-TV Makeup / Bob Dallas / Marcello
Kenn Taylor WXL-TV A.D. / Brad Stevens / Drunk / Referee / Waiter
Chelsey Duplak Elizabeth Grey
Markus Carreiro Woody Johnson / Barfly
Ted Neal Richard Dickman / Brian Jones
Adam Pellerine Oleg Meloski / Trey McPherson
Chris Leidenfrost Pavel Riccardino
Stephen Flett Coach Cox

Creative Team

Rick Wilson Director
Rick Wilson Music
Rick Wilson Book
Justin DeMarco Book
Rick Wilson Lyrics
Rick Wilson Music Director
Chris Leidenfrost Scenic Designer
Chris Leidenfrost Costume Designer
Sarah Gillis-Mazzei Lighting Designer
Jennifer Hope Sound Designer


Stacy Halloran Stage Manager
Sandra Crljenica Assistant Stage Manager
Sarah Gillis-Mazzei Assistant Stage Manager
Jessica Stinson Assistant Stage Manager
Rick Wilson Producer
Chris Leidenfrost Producer
Yuiry Zacharia Set Construction
Chris Leidenfrost Graphic Art
Chris Leidenfrost Publicity