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Home for Boys ()

Produced by

Glass Reflections Theatre Collective and UC Follies

Playwright: Robin Taylor Wright
Director: Deborah Lim


University College Quad


July 15th, 2015 – July 19th, 2015


Home for Boys is about three twelve year old boys who are forced into a non-conventional “family” situation in southern Ontario group home.  When Casey, the son of two incarcerated bikers, arrives at the institution, it upsets the balance of power that was held previously by the hyper-intelligent but emotionally volatile Randall, and his late-bloomer protégé P.J.  Adolescence is revisited in not only dark pockets but also the humour and joy of being at a carefree age (


Grace Poltrack Randall
Caitie Graham PJ
Jane Smythe Casey

Creative Team

Robin Taylor Wright Playwright
Deborah Lim Director
Julia Howman Production Designer
Julia Howman Lighting Designer
Deborah Lim Lighting Designer
Robin Taylor Wright Sound Designer
Shakir Haq Fight Choreographer
Grace Poltrack Assistant Director
Orly Zebak Assistant Designer


Nancy Hu Stage Manager
Lucy McPhee Assistant Stage Manager
Giuseppe Condello A.V. Consultant
Deborah Lim Poster Design