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I’m Doing This For You ()

Produced by

Never Mind the Noise

Playwright: Haley McGee
Director: Mitchell Cushman


The Storefront Theatre


January 24th, 2016 – January 27th, 2016


Blending storytelling, live-art and improvisation, this show is a big romantic gesture made by a woman for a man.

He’s an aspiring standup comedian. Today is his birthday. The audience is her gift to him. It’s a surprise.  “You get comedy and cake. I get to rectify a mistake.”

Uncomfortable, funny and a little bit sad, I’m Doing This for You revels in the extremes a person will go to in the name of eradicating her loneliness. (


Haley McGee Performer
Araya Mengesha Boyfriend Cameo (24 Jan 2016)

Creative Team

Haley McGee Playwright
Mitchell Cushman Director
Deborah Pearson Dramaturge


Steve Vargo Stage Manager
Derrick Chua Producer