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I’m Not Here ()

Produced by

Composite Theatre Company

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Marie-Claude Verdier
Translator: Alexis Diamond
Director: Jen Quinn


Hub 14


August 6th, 2016 – August 9th, 2016


Ariana, a pleasant young woman, tells us the story of her life. In a torrent of words, she describes a daily existence that’s unravelling, sinking, and slipping inevitably towards the brutal and unpredictable unknown. Between her boss’ cupcake schedule and the distractions of her life as an urban singleton, Ariana loses her way and breaks down: a total implosion. Nothing’s ever over because nothing ever starts. (


Shiong-En Chan Performer
Alex Petrachuk Performer
Nadia Verrucci Performer

Creative Team

Marie-Claude Verdier Playwright
Alexis Diamond Translator
Jen Quinn Director
Maureen Labonté Translation Dramaturge
Sabrina Miller Set Designer
Sabrina Miller Costume Designer
Stephanie Moore Sound Designer
Stephanie Moore Composer
Isabel Quintero Faia Lighting Designer
Nadia Verrucci Choreographer


Isabel Quintero Faia Stage Manager
Ron Diamond Photos
Sabrina Miller Program Cover
Alexis Diamond Producer
Jen Quinn Producer
Stefanie Buxton Producer