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I’m So Close… ()

Produced by

Why Not Theatre

Presented by

The Free Fall Festival

Creators: Ravi Jain and Katrina Bugaj and Troels Hagen Findsen
Playwright: Nicolas Billon


The Theatre Centre – Franco Boni Theatre


March 23rd, 2010 – March 28th, 2010


I’m So Close… is a heartbreaking love song, droned out by the hum of the technological landscape that is bringing us together and pushing us apart.
We are living in a world where we are more connected than we have ever been. Technology allows us to communicate instantly across oceans, and develop relationships with those who we have never even met. But at what cost? As techological advances hit the market at an accelerating rate one has to ask: how connected are we really? (


Ravi Jain Performer
Katrina Bugaj Performer
Troels Hagen Findsen Performer
Will O’Hare Voiceover
Andrew Musselman Voiceover
Coleen MacPherson Voiceover
Kelsey Hart Voiceover
Jamie Nesbitt Voiceover

Creative Team

Ravi Jain Creator
Katrina Bugaj Creator
Troels Hagen Findsen Creator
Nicolas Billon Playwright
M.L. Dogg Sound Designer
Jamie Nesbitt Projection Designer
Kelsey Hart Costume Designer
Trevor Schwellnus Set Designer
Nicolas Billon Dramaturge


Troels Hagen Findsen Music


Coleen MacPherson Stage Manager


Gina Scherr Lighting Designer
Lisa Lahue Crew
Alex Naylor Production Manager