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In On It ()

Produced by


Playwright: Daniel MacIvor
Director: Nathan Carroll


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


February 8th, 2017 – February 12th, 2017


An intricate story about a dying man trying to make plans for the end, a pair of lovers trying to make it work, and two men trying to write a play. The world of In On It takes place in three distinct realities that intersect and intertwine with each other, with each storyline revealing new details about the one event that shaped and connected each of the storylines. In On It is a quest to find meaning in a world that often seems meaningless. (Show Facebook Event)


Graham Conway This One
Brandon Nicoletti That One

Creative Team

Daniel MacIvor Playwright
Nathan Carroll Director
Andy Trithardt Sound Designer
David Beisel Lighting Designer


Erin Maxfield Stage Manager
Brandon Nicoletti Producer
Laura Katherine Hayes Producer
Samantha Polzin Photography
William Innes Videographer
William Innes Graphic Designer
Valerie McDermott Associate Producer
David Clutchey Associate Producer
Barbara McAdam Associate Producer
Gabriel Nicoletti Associate Producer
Frank Pietrobono Associate Producer
John Mancini Associate Producer
Anna Mancini Associate Producer


Christopher Ross Venue Technician