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In Utero Out ()

Produced by

Drawing With Knives Experimental Shadow Puppetry co

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Creator: Brescia Nember Reid


The Drake Hotel


August 4th, 2016 – August 10th, 2016


IN UTERO OUT is a shadow puppetry show exploring a spectrum of intergenerational tales of embodiment. Become immersed in the imagery and microcosms presented – large-scale shadow projections and soundscapes tell a spectrum of intergenerational tales of embodiment. Reflections on so-called “uterine sagas”: The birth experience of a grandmother nearing 100 years old; An unrecognized pregnancy’s sudden ending; An expectant parent who is faced with assumptions and surprise outcomes. This work is inspired by issues of reproductive justice and multiplicity of experiences bodies can hold. (


Joce Tremblay Puppeteer (Primary)
Coyote Watson Puppeteer (Primary)
Brescia Nember Reid Puppeteer

Creative Team

Brescia Nember Reid Creator
Brescia Nember Reid Puppet Creation (Primary)
Coyote Watson Puppet Creation (Part 3 & More)
Hannah Schreck Puppet Creation (Illustrated Land Ackn.)
Naty Tremblay Puppet Creation (Heart)
Nicholas Murray Soundscape
Brescia Nember Reid Songs


Joce Tremblay Puppet Engineer
Nicholas Murray Tech Support
Nicholas Murray Audio Operator
Brescia Nember Reid Editing
Naty Tremblay Stage Support