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Inside Ethel: Outside ()

Produced by

NACS Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Creator: Christine Moynihan


Aki Studio


July 8th, 2022 – July 17th, 2022


Meet Ethel. She is older, lonely, traumatized, and (by the way) a clown. For many years she never left her bedsit but now, NOW she has finally found a way to get outside & she enters a world that is strangely empty. She still loves her stuffies and her Captain Morgan’s rum. She is desperately searching for her son, George.
Will she find him? In her search, she does have an ally ~ a spirit/a guide/an Amazon delivery person ~ that will help her. Join her on her journey. (


Christine Moynihan Ethel
Katherine Duncanson The Spirit Guide

Creative Team

Christine Moynihan Creator
Simon Rossiter Lighting Designer
David Albert Toth Sound Designer
Lyon Smith Sound Assist
Susie Burpee Outside Eye / Supporter
Alison Cummings Outside Eye / Supporter
Richard Greenblatt Outside Eye / Supporter
Sara Porter Outside Eye / Supporter
Holly Small Outside Eye / Supporter
John Turner Outside Eye / Supporter
John Turner Clown Mentor


Jaimee Q. Vicente-Hall Stage Manager
Felix Quastel Production Assistant