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Produced by

Cat and the Queen and the blood projects

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Creators: Catherine Montgomery and Sasha Singer-Wilson and John Gordon and Tabby Johnson and Sarah Jurgens and Krista Mennell and Adrian Rebucas and Heather Watts and Jada White


August 4th, 2016 – August 13th, 2016


Hi. Thank you for being interested in our show. We are Sasha and Cat. We make theatre and music. Join us and our friends on a series of eight site-specific one-on-one encounters in a secret location west-end apartment that ask who we are when we’re alone, at home.

We asked our collaborators a series of questions like “does the public presentation of yourself differ from the self you experience in private?”, “what’s one thing you’ll only do when you’re alone at home?”, and “if someone were to peek in on you, all alone, in your bedroom, what might they learn about who you truly are?” We built our piece around kernels of truth, dipped in fluorescent colours – a celebration of shared humanness in all its strangeness and simplicity and beauty. We hope you’ll join us. (

Creative Team

Catherine Montgomery Creator
Sasha Singer-Wilson Creator
John Gordon Creator
Tabby Johnson Creator
Sarah Jurgens Creator
Krista Mennell Creator
Adrian Rebucas Creator
Heather Watts Creator
Jada White Creator