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The Invisible City ()

Produced by

Who’s There Theatre

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwrights: Alyssa Bartlett and Daniel Bagg and Ross Hammond and Thomas McDevitt and Tyler Graham

Developmental Director: Tyler Graham


St. Vladimir’s Theatre


July 3rd, 2013 – July 13th, 2013


Who’s There Theatre’s debut production is a play inspired by interviews with Toronto’s homeless community. An epidemic hits Toronto, causing people to mysteriously disappear, and the city is forced to change in order to survive. A collection of stories about the irony of living in a city of 2.7 million people where everyone is alone. (


Alyssa Bartlett Theresa
Daniel Bagg Scott
Christina Demunda Leah
Ashlyn Kusch Anne

Creative Team

Alyssa Bartlett Playwright
Daniel Bagg Playwright
Ross Hammond Playwright
Thomas McDevitt Playwright
Tyler Graham Playwright
Tyler Graham Developmental Director
Ashlyn Kusch Lighting Designer
Garrett Levine Lighting Dramaturge / Mentor
Ross Hammond Dramaturge
Alyssa Bartlett Movement Dramaturge
Anthony Di Feo Movement Dramaturge
Christina Demunda Movement Dramaturge
Alicia Bacile Set Designer
Alicia Bacile Costume Designer
Daniel Bagg Sound Designer


Daniel Bagg Carpenter
Jordan Snow Photographer
Garrett Levine Production Manager
Justin Büyüközer Publicist
Ross Hammond Sound Technician
Rachel Kennedy Stage Manager


Eric Read Festival Lighting Designer
Eric Read Venue Technician
Andrew Clemens Venue Technician