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Invisible Tears ()

Produced by

Atrium Theatre

Author: Anton Chekhov
Adapters: Tatiana Chouljenko and Julie Grgar
Director: Tatiana Chouljenko


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


May 25th, 2007 – June 3rd, 2007


Invisible Tears is inspired by the works of Anton Chekhov, who laughed at the absurdities of human nature. Even at moments of great tension, Chekhov’s good humour creeps in. “I have a craving for life”, he once admitted. He adored buffoonery, there was nothing of a puritan in him. This particular production is based on the specific theatrical method formulated by the renowned Michael Chekhov, Anton’s nephew, who believed in the power of imagination, intuition and fantasy. (


Edward Zinoviev Zapoikin / Otchumelov / Misha / Chervyakov / Father / Frolov / Murashkina
Ian Morfitt Poplavsky / Yeldyrin / Porfiry / Head Clerk / Actor / Ivan Petrovich / Almer / Pavel Vassilyevich

Creative Team

Anton Chekhov Author
Tatiana Chouljenko Adapter
Julie Grgar Adapter
Tatiana Chouljenko Director
Jason Morneau Lighting Designer
Jerry Silverberg Set Designer
Jerry Silverberg Art Work


Jason Morneau Stage Manager
Chip Yarwood Sound Engineer
Robert McKenna Language Coach
Kate Bromley Manager
Dianne Weinrib Publicity
Amy Stewart Publcity
Tatiana Chouljenko Producer


Jamie Wilson Venue Technician