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Isaac’s Eye ()

Produced by

Unit 102 Actors Co.

Playwright: Lucas Hnath
Director: Adam Belanger


The Assembly Theatre


September 29th, 2018 – October 20th, 2018


Isaacs Eye takes place in Woolsthorpe England in the 1600s, where a young, bright eyed Isaac Newton is just beginning his studies on light, and pursues joining the esteemed Royal Society by convincing member Robert Hooke – an established scientist of the times – that he is worthy. As the two battle their egos and obsess over their respective legacies, this play questions morality, and the value of life. (


Christo Graham Isaac Newton
Francis Melling Sam / Actor
Brandon Thomas Robert Hooke
Laura Vincent Catherine Storer

Creative Team

Lucas Hnath Playwright
Adam Belanger Director
Adam Belanger Designer
Jenni Lee Manis Costume Designer


Marvin Araneta Stage Manager
David Lafontaine Producer
Sarah Cannon Illustrations