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Lauren & Amanda Do It ()

Produced by

Toasted Theatre Company

Presented by

Next Stage Theatre Festival

Creators: Lauren Cauchy and Amanda Logan and Allison Harris
Director: Madeleine Hall


Factory Theatre Antechamber


January 9th, 2019 – January 20th, 2019


Sexy, provocative and fuckin’ funny. Join Lauren, Amanda and musical accompanist Alli in a late night talk show about sex. Think The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but with one hot lesbian as The Roots, and two rad babes as Jimmy.

This multi-award winning show makes the uncomfortable comfortable. Let’s talk about birds, bees, fetishes, fantasies, ballgags, #metoo, love, bad dates and sex, baby. (


Lauren Cauchy Performer
Amanda Logan Performer

Creative Team

Lauren Cauchy Creator
Amanda Logan Creator
Allison Harris Creator
Madeleine Hall Director
Allison Harris Original Music


Allison Harris Musician


Michaela Steven Stage Manager