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Lemon ()

Produced by

Filament Incubator

Playwright: Andrew Markowiak
Director: Andrew Markowiak


Majlis Art Garden


May 25th, 2016 – June 5th, 2016


Desperate to retain her potential after courting a barren, post-college job market, Liz opens a lemonade stand on her parents’ front lawn. It wouldn’t be so bad, if her high school fling wasn’t determined to rekindle feelings between them, and her eight-year-old competition wasn’t willing to go to any length to ensure her downfall. A biting satire of a downtrodden economy, Lemon is a tale of dog-eat-dog-eat-dog. (


Julia Hussey Liz
Danny Ghantous Dennis
LeeAnn Ball Lucy

Creative Team

Andrew Markowiak Playwright
Andrew Markowiak Director
Cassandra Brennan Set Designer
Wesley McKenzie Sound Designer
Shawna Blain Dramaturge


Milly Maguire Stage Manager
Andrew Pieroni Publicity Video
Jordan Laffrenier Promo Photgraphy
Laura Darby Production Photography