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Lifeline ()

Produced by


Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Director: Nathaniel Brettle
Creators: Mike Arajs and Claire Armstrong and Brandon Brackenbury and Sandra Crljenica and Victoria Kucher and Annie Skelding and Signe Sturup and Tyler Evan Webb


The George Ignatieff Theatre


July 3rd, 2010 – July 10th, 2010


York University’s 2008 Creative Ensemble remounts Lifeline! In a modern hospital, nine individuals dealing with big issues are pushed to the brink of disaster. Struggling to connect in crisis, their only hope through the darkness is each other. (


Mike Arajs Wes (Corpse)
Claire Armstrong Tess (Doctor)
Brandon Brackenbury Richard (Paramedic)
Sandra Crljenica Paige (Tess' Sister
Victoria Kucher Esther (Pathologist)
Annie Skelding Molly (Nurse)
Signe Sturup Allison (Patient)
Tyler Evan Webb Cliff (Security Guard)

Creative Team

Nathaniel Brettle Director
Mike Arajs Devisor
Claire Armstrong Devisor
Brandon Brackenbury Devisor
Sandra Crljenica Devisor
Victoria Kucher Devisor
Annie Skelding Devisor
Signe Sturup Devisor
Tyler Evan Webb Devisor
Victoria Kucher Musical Director
Geoffrey Rutherford Lighting Designer
Mike Arajs Dramaturge
Brandon Brackenbury Dramaturge


Jennifer Moersch Musician


Tyler Evan Webb Producer
Adrienne Baker Stage Manager
Tyler Evan Webb Graphic Designer
Alex Coleman Videographer / Editor