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Literally Titanium ()

Produced by

Canadian Comedians

Presented by

Next Stage Theatre Festival

Creator: Ophira Calof
Director: Sanja Vodovnik


Factory Studio Theatre


January 8th, 2020 – January 19th, 2020


In the age of body positivity, where does chronic illness fit? Disabled artist Ophira Calof plays her body as a character finally getting its moment in the spotlight, using music, comedy and storytelling to explore the relationship between her body and mind as they navigate a world that wasn’t built for them. (


Ophira Calof Performer

Creative Team

Ophira Calof Creator
Sanja Vodovnik Director
Jessica Watkin Dramaturge


Connor Low Stage Manager
Alia Ceniza Rasul Producer
Sabrina Friedman Producer
Akiva Blaine Deaf Community Consultant


Lauren Dowell Studio Head Technician