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Mapleman: Canuck Crusader ()

Produced by

The Woodlands Theatre Company

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Directors: Nikhil Gupta and Kevin Yue
Playwright: Nam Nguyen


Factory Mainspace Theatre


August 8th, 2015 – August 15th, 2015


There’s trouble in our home and native land, and only Mapleman can keep darkness at bay! In this comic book musical, Canada’s mightiest hero has never met an equal in strength or catchy theme songs. However, a new villain shows up in town ready to turn Mapleman’s strength – the people of Canada – into his weakness. Soon, the Canuck Crusader loses his place in the hearts of his fellow citizens, who are singing the new songs of vapid consumerism and greed. Will our hero triumph? Will his ideals ever again guide the national identity, holding strong against the most dastardly of threats? Will he make it to his date on time? Find out in the first issue of Mapleman: Canuck Crusader! (


Benjamin Gormley Mapleman
Martin Ffrench Broker
Marie Kowdrysh Winnie
Warren Moore Jean Poutine
Raluca Petria Nellie Poutine
Cameron Scott Napalm
Julie Phan 潘家雯 Waiter
Sydney Perkins Reporter
Colwyn Alletson RCMP Agent
Alice Zheng Citizen 1
Evan Li Citizen 2
Rehan Jahangir Citizen 3
Nam Nguyen Baritone 1
Patrick Mossman Baritone 2
Garrett Zhang Baritone 3
Max Gu Baritone 4

Creative Team

Nikhil Gupta Director
Kevin Yue Director
Nam Nguyen Playwright


Kevin Yue Piano
Christian Close Guitarist


Aline-Claire Huynh Technical Operator
Jonathan Martins Stage Manager
Jason Wong Marketing Head
Kenzie Tsang Marketing Assistant
Nikhil Gupta Assistant Stage Manager


Jamie Monteiro Venue Technician
Matt Armour Venue Technician