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Mask and Madness in Macbeth ()

Produced by

Shakespeare in Action and Workman Arts

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Michael Kelly


Joseph Workman Theatre


April 21st -23rd, 2008


April 21st, 2008 – May 10th, 2008


Inspired by a series of Shakespeare workshops he had done with Workman Arts members, those who have received mental health services, director Michael Kelly has used his experiences to make connections between the worlds of theatre and mental illness. He found that the participants’ insights on the language and poetic imagery ranged from insightful, unusual and remarkable, to chaotically disordered. Kelly observed that their heightened sensitivity was mirrored in the world of Shakespeare’s Macbeth – a heightened world in crisis, where disorder and chaos gives way to fear and eventually madness. The world that Shakespeare so masterfully creates in Macbeth is not unlike the realities of many mental health consumers, whose worlds are very often in crisis. (


Xuan Fraser Macbeth
Kate Fenton Lady Macbeth
Garth Johnson Witch 1 / Captain / Lennox / MacDuff's Son
Olivia Olsen Witch 2 / Rosse / Fleance / Murderer 2 / Gentlewoman
Debra Loja Witch 3 / Donaldbain / Seyton / Lady MacDuff
Miles Cohen Banquo / Porter
Adam Seybold Duncan / MacDuff / Doctor
Jake Chalmers Malcolm / Murderer 1

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
Michael Kelly Director
Sonia Norris Mask Direction
Glenn Davidson Set Designer
Glenn Davidson Lighting Designer
Melody Anderson Mask Designer
Rick Sacks Sound Designer
Kerry Westell Sound Apprentice
Simon Fon Fight Choreographer


Andrew Dollar Stage Manager
Alison Dengate Production Manager
Jessica Stinson Apprentice Stage Manager
Virginia Vrentzos Assistant Stage Manager
Sandra Crljenica Assistant Stage Manager
Tanya Golden Assistant Stage Manager
Neil Stanton Lighting Operator
Neil Stanton Production Assistant
Joseph Sherman Poster Design
Aviva Armour-Ostroff Photographer