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Miss ()

Produced by

The Spadina Avenue Gang and Unit 102 Actors Co.

Playwright: Michael Ross Albert
Director: David Lafontaine


The Assembly Theatre


September 14th, 2017 – October 1st, 2017


Set in the aftermath of a shocking accident at a boarding school, Miss explores the tenuous connection between a high school teacher, her fiancé, and a troubled student whose lives have been irrevocably changed by tragedy. A tense showdown between three highly damaged individuals, Miss is a taut and explosive new drama about loss, grief, guilt, and revenge. (


Wayne Burns Tyler
Trevor Hayes Gil
Nola Martin Laura

Creative Team

Michael Ross Albert Playwright
David Lafontaine Director
Adam Belanger Set Designer
Adam Belanger Assistant Director
Jeff Hanson Fight Director
Lindsay Junkin Costume Designer
Steve Vargo Lighting Designer


Marvin Araneta Stage Manager
Michael Osuszek Photographer
Michael Wielgomas Graphic Designer
Michael Wielgomas Illustrator