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Mockingbird Close ()

Produced by

INpulse Theatre

Playwright: Trevor Schmidt
Director: Ryan F. Hughes


September 8th, 2017 – September 16th, 2017


Set in a “nice, safe, crime-free neighbourhood” circa 1950, we meet the perfect family: Hank, Iris, and their small son. Suddenly the son vanishes. In a panic, the parents search the house, rack their memories, but can’t seem to remember where or when or how he disappeared. The parents take to the street, hoping for answers from their eccentric, disturbed neighbours (all played by the two performers). The neighbours are not forthcoming, and instead reveal dark, buried secrets – the things that happen behind closed doors. Meanwhile, “the witch” waits “at the dark black mouth that is the entrance to Mockingbird Close”. (


Tiana Leonty Iris / Mona Hobbs / Lois Vent
David MacInnis Hank / Sidney Blackwell / Jarvis Jermaine

Creative Team

Trevor Schmidt Playwright
Ryan F. Hughes Director
Yehuda Fisher Lighting Designer


Justine Cargo Stage Manager
Tracey Beltrano Producer
Tiana Leonty Producer