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Moving Day ()

Produced by

ZillA Productions

Presented by

Next Stage Theatre Festival

Playwright: Cathy Elliott
Composer: Cathy Elliott


Factory Studio Theatre


January 2nd, 2008 – January 13th, 2008


It’s moving day, July 20, 1969: man lands on moon, housewife packs it in, Godzilla saves the day. An unusual musical piece.

Sharon, a frustrated, alcoholic housewife, once again packs up the family’s belongings to follow her husband to another promotion. John and the kids have gone ahead, leaving her behind to take care of the move. History is in the making and they have the TV in the car.

Sharon ‘s turmoil plays out like a Judy Garland-esque TV Variety Show. But her very real depression cannot be cured by ordinary means; it careens, angry and out-of-control, into fantasy, pop culture and Japanese anime as she searches for survival. (


Cathy Elliott Sharon Sharp
Cyndi Carleton Luminette
Jane Miller Luminette

Creative Team

Cathy Elliott Playwright
Cathy Elliott Composer
Jeannette Lambermont-Morey Director
Jeannette Lambermont-Morey Dramaturge
Konrad Pluta Musical Director
Cathy Elliott Set Designer


Tracy Lynne Cann Stage Manager
Bob Cann Set Construction