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Nize It ()

Produced by

Dante Alighieri Academy and Inferno Productions

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwrights: Lynise Reedy and Matthew Worku
Director: Lynise Reedy


Factory Mainspace Theatre


August 4th, 2016 – August 12th, 2016


Their language. Their neighbourhood. Their struggles. Nize It tells the story of black Toronto youth and their struggles against the negative stereotypes that are so widely believed about them. Matthew, a black youth and talented comic book writer, quickly gives up on his potential as a writer when he is faced with criticism of his work. When Matthew’s good friend from “the hood”, Ramon, is transported into the comic book, Matthew is challenged to re-examine the very white privileged superhero world he has created in his comics. Worlds collide when Matthew’s real life little brother, Nicholas, owes money to a well-known gang. Street violence meets police violence and a real life hero is forced to step forward. (


Matthew Worku Performer
Ramon Sursona-Baltazar Performer
Nicholas Frederick Performer
Isaac Adjei-Mensah Performer
Kristopher Kassabian Performer
Michael Goncalves Performer
Ana Rita Francisco Performer
Adelina Carbone Performer
Caterina Capizzano Performer
Mario DiCerbo Performer
Andrew Bolarino Performer
Walter Moraes-Mendoza Performer
Tobi Olubusi Performer
Sam Botembe Performer
Matthew Schinas Performer
Laura Nigro Performer
Joana Da Silva Performer
Elizabeth Romano Performer
Celine Romero-Gomez Performer
Sarah Dumoine Performer
Mark Rabanes Performer
Jessie Rarang Performer
Sara Torres Performer
Semhar Tesfrageries Performer
Mauda Karram Performer
Filipe Costa Performer
Caterina Pinto Performer
Sabrina Gatt Performer

Creative Team

Lynise Reedy Playwright
Matthew Worku Playwright
Lynise Reedy Director
Ramon Sursona-Baltazar Assistant Playwright
Michael Goncalves Assistant Playwright
Joseph Nguyen Artistic Designer
Heather Urquhart Choreographer
Leojan Viloria Lighting Designer
Reinalene Amada Sound Designer


Victoria Sa Stage Manager
Kaitlyn Gatt Assistant Stage Manager
Ennio Vega-Steriert Backstage Assistance
Ana Oliveira Backstage Assistance