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One Man Show

One Man Show ()

Produced by

Docket Theatre

Playwright: Evan O’Donnell
Director: Llyandra Jones


Papermill Theatre


July 21st, 2011 – July 23rd, 2011


One Man Show, a fast paced dark comedy, is the story of a man named Doug, who puts on a play to say goodbye to the world before he kills himself. He describes his cynical views on life, and what has led him to this point, until the show suddenly falls apart and begins to have a mind of its own. As Doug struggles to gain control of his play – and life – he must confront his past and look at the world from a whole new perspective. Creating a unique fusion of live performance and multimedia, One Man Show”is a hilarious yet poignant theatrical roller coaster that will take Doug and his audience for a ride they will never forget. (


Spencer Robson Doug
Topaz Kelly-Metivier Carol
Jared Bishop The Director
Katie Corbridge Adrianne
Zenna Davis-Jones Hannah
Blue Bigwood-Mallin Daniel
Katie O’Brien Anna
Brittany Cope Dumb Girl
Megan Lameiro Annoying Girl
Matt Shaw Angry Guy
Stefan Till Sketchy Guy
Lydia Zemaitis New Boss

Creative Team

Evan O’Donnell Playwright
Llyandra Jones Director
Chris Malkowski Lighting Designer
Tracy Lam Set Designer
Tracy Lam Costume Designer


Amanda Lang Stage Manager
Abdi Omer Producer
Sarah Siddiqui Assistant Stage Manager
Chris Malkowski Technical Director
Alison Dowling Head Audio
Alison Dowling Head of Props
Caitlin Chin Recording Engineer
Reem Taher Make-up Artist
Kyla Miller Marketing and Publicity
Meagan Griffin Box Office Representative
Paul Cornwall Filming Crew
Sean Danby Filming Crew
Helena Dufgran Illustrator