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One Night Only: The Greatest Musical Never Written ()

Produced by

Golden Ages Productions

Creator: Alan Kliffer
Director: Melody A. Johnson


Factory Mainspace Theatre


January 27th, 2016 – February 14th, 2016


One Night Only: The Greatest Musical Never Written is a musical comedy with an all-star cast and a five piece orchestra. The show follows the conventions of a scripted production but is completely improvised, dictated by spontaneous audience suggestions.  Each performance has an original plot, characters, music, songs and choreography. It feels like anything can happen on stage and it does! (


Ashley Botting Performer
Carly Heffernan Performer
Ron Pederson Performer
Jan Caruana Performer
Reid Janisse Performer
Alex Tindal Performer
Miriam Drysdale Pit Singer
Kevin Vidal Pit Singer
Tyler Check Pit Singer
Colin Mochrie Pre-Show Voice

Creative Team

Alan Kliffer Creator
Melody A. Johnson Director
Jordan Armstrong Music Director
Brandon Kleiman Set Designer
Josh Hoodless Lighting Designer
Jason Cabanaw Sound Designer
James Smith Composer
Lexy Cox Choreographer
James Smith Music Arrangements
Reid Janisse Opening Segment
Andrea Miller Costume Designer


Jordan Armstrong Keyboard
David Stein Baritone Guitar
Ewan Diwitt Trumpet
Jake Koffman Flute / Saxophone
Justin Han Percussion


Katherine Rawlinson Executive Producer
Shaun McPherson Spotlight Operator
Kevin Matviw Production Stage Manager
Andrea Miller Assistant Stage Manager