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One Thousand And One Nights ()

Produced by

Dash Arts

Presented by

The Luminato Festival

Adapter: Hanan al-Shaykh
Director: Tim Supple


Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre


June 7th, 2011 – June 19th, 2011


A startling new theatrical version of an Arabic classic. In Luminato’s most ambitious commission to date, British director Tim Supple  unites with acclaimed Lebanese novelist Hanan al-Shaykh to unearth the true character of the One Thousand and One Nights. Written in Arabic from tales gathered in India, Persia, across the great Arab Empire, the One Thousand and One Nights are the mesmerizing stories told by Shahrazad night after night, under sentence of death, to the king Shahrayar who has vowed to marry a virgin every night and kill her in the morning. Erotic, brutal, witty, and poetic, the tales tell of the real and supernatural, love and marriage, power and punishment, rich and poor, and the endless trials and uncertainties of fate. (


Saad Al Ghefari Shazaman / Dervish / The Third Dervish: The Husband / The Watchman / Slave Sa'ad / Qamar Al Zaman
Adila Bendimerad Aziza / Lady From The Court / Young Lady / Slave / Princess Budur
Said Bey Vizier / Merchant / Jaafar / The Donkey / The Chef's Master / The Barber / The Vizier
Mohamed Breaka Ali Young Aziz / The Son / The Donkey Owner / Young Man / Master Hasan
Assaad Bouab Sharayar / Merchant / Haroun Al-Rashid / The Executioner
Jamal Choukair The Jinn / The Hunchback / The Thief / The Lame Young Man / The Herbalist / The Young Man / Baqbouq / The Qadi
Ramzi Choukair The Porter / The King of China / Hajj Muhammed the Dyer
Houda Echouafni Shahrazad / The Shopper / The Wife / Hayat
Eslam Eissa Dervish / The First Dervish, Aziz / The Governor / Chief Eunuch / The Carpenter / Ghanem
Ava Farhang Dog / The Woman in the Garden / Lady Zubaida / The Demon's Wife / Zumurrud
Rachid El Adouani The Slave / Rayhan the Slave / The Jewish Doctor / Azraq Blue / The Barber / Guard
Ammar Haj Ahmad Merchant / Abu Nuwas / The Christian Trader / Shopkeeper / The Wali / Dahnash
Hajar Graigaa Dunyazad / The Doorkeeper / The Girl / The Doorkeeper / Khatun
Falah Ibrahim The Fisherman / The Tailor / The Eunuch / The Wali / The King / King Shahraman / The Persian / The Bedouin
Tewfik Jallab Dervish / The Second Dervish, The Persian Prince / The Chamberlain / The Donkey Owner / Nur Al-Din
Fatima Zohra Lahouitar Young Woman / The Donkey Owner's Wife / The Judge's Daughter / The Cruel Lady / The Woman / The Duenna / Su'ad
Nanda Mohammad Narrator / The Mistress of the House / Maimuna
Amal Omran Narrator / Dog / Aziz's Mother / The Herbalist's Wife / Old Woman / The Jailer / The Persian's Mother
Abdelhalim Zreiby Jinn / The Father / Masrur the Executioner / The Muslim Chef / The Judge / Emir Shar Al-Tariq / Budur's Father / The Auctioneer / The Governor

Creative Team

Hanan al-Shaykh Adapter
Tim Supple Director
Hend Zouari Composer
Laith Faisal Ali Suleiman Composer
Mohamed Samy Composer
Bastien Lagatta Composer
Ahmad Elsawy Composer
Oum Keltoum Belkassi Set Designer
Zolaykha Sherzad Costume Designer
Sabri El Atrous Lighting Designer
John Gzowski Sound Designer
Sophie Austin Assistant Director
Ahmad Elsawy Music Director
Bastien Lagatta Music Director
Amal Dibo Translator
Nawal Sarkis Translator
Sami Asmar Translator
Bryan Woltjen Design Associate


Ahmad Elsawy Oud / Framedrum
Ahmad Elsawy Vocals
Bastien Lagatta Percussion
Mohamed Samy Rabab / Violin / Violin Electronics
Laith Faisal Ali Suleiman Ney / Dodul / Zurna
Hend Zouari Qanoun
Hend Zouari Vocals


Imen Smaoui Movement Coach
Roy Luxford Producer
Phil McCandlish Production Manager
Alun Wright Company Stage Manager
Christine Manthey Costume Supervisor
Rania Mleihi Deputy Stage Manager
Rania Mleihi Interpreter
Carl Masson Stage Manager
Paul Beauchamp Assistant Stage Manager
Ray Salverda Production Manager
Christine Brubaker Voice Coach
Meryem Alaoui Surtitles
Azza Nefzaoui Interpreter
Margaret Stead English Editor
Patrick Molony Production Manager
Sharon Secord Wardrobe Manager
Rashad Taha Rehearsal Scripts
Jessica Stephens Production Assistant
Youssef Wise Interpreter
Ahmed El Attar Producer
Nevine El Ibiary Producer
Selwa Abou el Aazm Producer
Jaouad Essounani Producer


Scott Williamson Technician
Melynda Jurgenson Assistant Technical Director