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One Woman Show ()

Produced by

Shehori Brothers

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Marco Timpano and Daniel Shehori and Steven Shehori
Directors: Daniel Shehori and Steven Shehori


The Robert Gill Theatre


July 2nd, 2008 – July 16th, 2008


Finally, a one-woman show created by people who truly understand the genre: three dudes. Canadian Comedy Award winners The Shehori Brothers present Marco Timpano as Eileen, a woman riddled with delicious clichés and overwrought stereotypes. There are many great and, uh, not-so-great one-woman shows in this world. It’s time to lampoon the latter, gang! (


Marco Timpano Performer

Creative Team

Marco Timpano Playwright
Daniel Shehori Playwright
Steven Shehori Playwright
Daniel Shehori Director
Steven Shehori Director


Daniel Shehori Producer
Steven Shehori Producer
Meg Maguire Technical Director
Meg Maguire Stage Manager
Melissa McNamara Movement
Kurt Firla Photographer