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Plan Live from Outer Space! ()

Produced by

Jolly Green Bean Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Writer: Ed Wood Jr.
Adapter: Jim Gordan Taylor
Director: Jim Gordan Taylor


The Tranzac Club – The Main Hall


July 5th, 2006 – July 15th, 2006


Canada’s greatest comedy stars return to haunt the Fringe in a terrifying revelation of things to come! A transformed race of walking dead! Zombies, guided by a master plan for complete domination of the Fringe! Bullets bounce off their bodies! What Fringly power can stop this terror? For a glimpse of things to come, see this blast of stage suspense! (2006 Toronto Fringe Festival Program)


Gene Abella Gravedigger #2 / Patrolman Larry / Lieutenant
Lisa Brooke Edith / Patrolman Kelton / Ruler
Craig Brown Criswell / Patrolman Jamie
Aurora Browne Vampira / Tanna
Jason DeRosse Stagehand #1
Sean Fisher Old Man #2
Brandon Firla Reverend Lyn Lemon / Jeff
Chris Gibbs Old Man #1 / Control Tower / Eros
Sandy Jobin-Bevans Danny / Inspector Harper
Vanessa Macrae Mourner / Paula
Ryan Rogerson Inspector Clay / The General
Daniel Shehori Stagehand #2 / Messenger
Ron Sparks Gravedigger #1/ Colonel Edwards / Farmer Caulder

Creative Team

Ed Wood Jr. Writer
Jim Gordan Taylor Adapter
Jim Gordan Taylor Director


Kurt Firla Poster Design
Jeff Beardall Program Design