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Port Authority ()

Produced by

Fly on the Wall Theatre

Playwright: Conor McPherson
Director: Rod Ceballos


Campbell House


March 1st, 2016 – March 13th, 2016


Three men. One young, one middle-aged, one old.  Three ordinary lives, marked by sudden change. Three interwoven stories of love and of lost opportunities.  Port Authority is a humorous, bittersweet and moving portrait of three generations of Irish men. (


Anthony MacMahon Kevin
David Mackett Dermot
Patrick Monaghan Joe

Creative Team

Conor McPherson Playwright
Rod Ceballos Director
Patrick Brennan Lighting Designer
Rod Ceballos Set Designer


Laura Lakatosh Stage Manager
Allison Bjerkseth Production Stage Manager
Patrick Brennan Technical Director
Allison Bjerkseth Costume Consultant
David Mackett Poster Design
Allison Bjerkseth Photography
Richard Van Dine Photography
Jennifer Radford Publicity