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PUMP! ()

Produced by

Cat and the Queen

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Creator: Catherine Montgomery


Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace


July 4th, 2019 – July 13th, 2019


Cat and the Queen tells a kind of bio pic story with music, storytelling and projection magic. Expect the following: closet talks, drunken cabaret music time, isolated insta stalking, Beethoven meets Britney, battle cats! and lots of Patrick Swayze. AND!!! Don’t forget the music….There is lots of LIVE music. PUMP’D?! #yuuup! (


Catherine Montgomery Performer

Creative Team

Catherine Montgomery Creator
Bri Proke Dramaturge
Imogen Wilson Lighting Designer
Jessica Whyte Production Designer
Nathan Shwartz Projections
Janelle Joy Hince Costume Romper
Dave Love Collaborator
Jenny McCowan Dance Choreography
Jessica Whyte Prop Love


Sebastian Quinn Hoodless Saxophone
Dave Love Drums


Flavia F. Martin Stage Manager
Emma Bulpin Producer
Sebastian Quinn Hoodless Sound Technician
Kale Vandenbroek Poster Design
Meaghan Harris Photography