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Produced by

Spyder Theatre Company

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Deborah Adelman
Director: Rae-Anna Maitland


The George Ignatieff Theatre


July 4th, 2019 – July 14th, 2019


Radioactive Spyder, thirsty for power and fame, is determined to become Master of the Universe. Protozoa, the 14 billion-year-old single-celled being, guides Radioactive Spyder on his quest – showing him what the universe has to gain … or to lose. This children’s musical comedy is ultimately a wake up call for humanity and a call to action for the environment. A fun-loving musical set to a lively Cuban beat. (


Sarah J. Lake Radioactive Spyder
Naomi Koven Radon Ratty
Maddi Knapp Protozoa
Lucas Kalechstein Gator the Narrator
Keira Kay Burmese Python
Mika Haensel Bully Frog
Evlyn O’Toole Crafty Coyote
Akin Mponjika Wild Boar
Ania Rudzik Pink Flamingo
Alan Cui Blue Heron
Serena Wang Sea Turtle
Coltrane Baumal Manatee
Lua Olafson-Ramos Mick Mouse
Beatrice Tamburro Minn Mouse
Sydney Rasmussen Walt Disney

Creative Team

Deborah Adelman Playwright
Rae-Anna Maitland Director
Claire MacMaster Assistant Director
Evlyn O’Toole Choreographer
Claire MacMaster Choreographer
Carissa Neufeld Music Director
Kristen Zaza Music Director
Elizabeth Rodriguez Original Music
Magdelys Savigne Original Music


Carissa Neufeld Musician
Charlie McVean-McDonald Musician
Keegan May Musician


Andre Mendoza-Mcleod Stage Manager
Jackie Gaistman Art
Susan Tiihonen Graphic Designer