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Ready, Set, Life! ()

Playwright: Geoff Kolomayz and Alison Lynne Ward
Directors: Alison Lynne Ward and Geoff Kolomayz


The Diesel Playhouse


April 10th, 2007


April 10th, 2007 – April 22nd, 2007


Ready, Set, Life! allows an audience the opportunity to question: Who am I? Through the similar and light hearted journeys of the individuals in a Quarter Life Crisis, and This Is The Rest Of Your Life!  we struggle with two young professionals as they work to establish their careers, hold onto their dreams, drown out the voices of parents, peers and friends, to eventually discover the importance of claiming yourself and being true to who you are. (


Geoff Kolomayz Actor ("This is the Rest of Your Life!")

Creative Team

Geoff Kolomayz Playwright ("This is the Rest of Your Life!")
Alison Lynne Ward Playwright ("Quarter Life Crisis")
Alison Lynne Ward Director ("This is the Rest of Your Life!")
Geoff Kolomayz Director ("Quarter Life Crisis")
Alison Lynne Ward Actor ("Quarter Life Crisis")
Geoff Kolomayz Lighting Designer
Stephen Low Assistant Director


Michael Taylor Stage Manager
Geoff Dolman Sound Engineer
Stevie Jay Technician
Geoff Kolomayz Co-Producer
Alison Lynne Ward Co-Producer
Sedina Fiati Co-Producer
Dale Wells Graphic Designer
Mark Kneeshaw Photography