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Remembrance ()

Produced by

Kreatives By KW

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Choreographer: Kay-Ann Ward
Director: Kay-Ann Ward


Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace


July 4th, 2024 – July 13th, 2024


Remembrance follows the journey of a young Caribbean woman who has come to a crossroad in her life.
She embarks on a series of spiritual experiences that helps her access the memory that is stored in her DNA. She now starts to remember the true power of her healing, spiritual, sexual and sensual energy.
Brought to life by using traditional Afro-Caribbean Dance, ancestral wisdom, poetry, as well as Dancehall and Soca dance.
An entertaining, sensual, captivating and liberating dance performance that uses storytelling to take the audience on a memorable journey.
Remembrance is loosely based off real life spiritual experiences. (


Josie Hamalengwa Dancer / Movement Artist
Szerelem Dutton Dancer / Movement Artist
Liana Lewis Dancer / Movement Artist
Michael Mortley Dancer / Movement Artist
Kay-Ann Ward Dancer / Movement Artist

Creative Team

Kay-Ann Ward Choreographer
Kay-Ann Ward Director
Michael Mortley Creative/Movement Contributor


Zahra Badua Lead Stage Manager
Kelly-Ann Johnson Stage Manager
Zahra Badua Production Assistant
Michael Mortley Production Photographer
Edz Gyamfi Music Editor
Kay-Ann Ward Producer