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rihannaboi95 ()

Produced by

Suburban Beast

Playwright: Jordan Tannahill
Director: Zack Russell

Live-streamed over the Internet


April 23rd, 2013 – April 28th, 2013

Awards & Nominations

Winner of ‘Best New Play for Young Audiences’ at the 2013 Dora Awards


Sunny needs to talk about what’s happening, but he has to do it where no one will find him. Because Sunny, aka rihannaboi95, made some videos and while yeah, they’re getting him lots of hits, some people at school found them too and now the eggshell world he so carefully treads is threatening to implode. Cloistered within the bedroom of his friend Keira, a Shopper’s makeup queen, Sunny records a video for his loyal viewers, invoking his YouTube namesake when he needs her most. (Suburban Beast)


Owais Lightwala Performer

Creative Team

Jordan Tannahill Playwright
Zack Russell Director