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Rough Magic ()

Produced by

Theatre Arcturus

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Director: Kevin Hammond


The Randolph Theatre


July 5th, 2017 – July 15th, 2017


Set on a mystical island, ROUGH MAGIC follows the innocent beginnings and volatile consequences of a relationship between two unlikely beings: Ariel, an airy sprite; and Caliban, a ground-dwelling mortal. An intricate weaving of theatre, aerial work and music, the show confronts ideas of freedom and otherness through a story inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest. (Toronto Fringe Festival program)


Lindsay Bellaire Ariel
Phillip Psutka Caliban

Creative Team

Phillip Psutka Playwright
Kevin Hammond Director
Lindsay Bellaire Aerial Choreographer
Phillip Psutka Fight Director
Lisa Sciannella Lighting Designer
Rachel C. Léger Composer
Lisa Magill Costume Designer


Lisa Sciannella Stage Manager